We deliver industry-developed, tested and proven approaches to organizational capacity building; that are results-based yet people-centered.

Our niche in utility entities, especially the water sector has facilitated the development of our premier product – the ‘100 Days Performance Improvement Plan’ – a scalable unique product that delivers reform and transformation in the emerging and developing economies.
Every country, every utility, every company, is unique and for us an exciting opportunity to be part of yet
another success story. Over time, we have built the experience, expertise and flexibility that enable us to create responsive and tailor-made solutions for our partners. In all our endeavors, we are guided by our core values of Empowerment, Teamwork and Service Excellence

Throughout our experience with turn around programmes, we have learnt that no matter the methodology, successful organizations that meet their corporate goals and objectives are a result of effective people that create winning teams, which operate in a supportive environment and make apt and timely decisions.

Advice to Partners.

Partnering with us therefore means investing in people and building human capacity, facilitating the development of winning teams, tapping into our decades of experience, using the most recent knowledge in organizational capacity building and putting in place frameworks that facilitate the organization’s decision-making process.

In every Project we promise the Highest level of individual involvement/engagement of the Founder and other experts

We pledge Tailor-made products that are specially developed to address the needs of the project.

Flexibility and commitment to project needs