Our History


Dr Muhairwe founded 2ML Consulting Limited immediately after leaving NWSC  in November 2011. 2ML derived its  name from the major challenges facing companies today; Management, Management and Leadership (2ML)and its from this that Dr. Muhairwe and a team of experts developed the concept of turning business challenges into  success stories for multi national companies.

2ML Consulting Limited is an ISO Certified (9001:2015) International Management and Leadership Services firm that partners with organizations to deliver responsive technical assistance and specialized capacity building solutions all over the world.  2ML Consulting Limited has worked with Governments, Private sectors and external Agencies like the World Bank, UNHABITAT, USAID, and DANIDA to provide leadership and management advisory services in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Since January 2013, 2ML’s Senior Team Leader Dr. Muhairwe, has served as the CEO of Global Water Leader’s group, a UK based International network that brings together CEO-level water leaders from all over the world for peer review, building of partnerships, development and deployment of common solutions based around the need for better coordination of finance, innovation and regulation; in order to address the prevalent water services challenges.

10 years                                  Of operation since 2012

Over 40                                                                                      Over 13 Countries

Highly Experienced Associates                                             In which 2ML 
Across The Globe                                                                     has Operated      

Service Lines  

  • Performance Improvement Planning                               
  • Commercialization and Change Management                
  • Customer Mapping and Enumeration                       
  • Utility Loss and Asset Management                                      
  • Organizational Technical Assistance 
  • Strategic Business Planning                                  
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Research Studies
  • IT Support Systems

2ML at a Glance


Founder/ Senior Team Leader


Institutional Development and Governance Expert


” Turning business failures into success stories & extending frontiers of success is what we do best. Our services are short term, and yet high impact, tailor made programs that focus on doing what you can now with what you have now to generate quick-wins in achieving the corporate objectives.


Since 1998, I have been part of Utility transformation and Improvement in service delivery. I have seen utilities becoming success stories by implementing our proposed programs and strategies to create healthy environments for performance improvement through cultural and attitudinal change. No matter the country or state, it has been proven that the root success factor for any reforms in a utility is the people.”   Learn more