2ML Consulting Limited

Management and leadership advisory


We are an ISO Certified (9001:2015) International Management and Leadership Services firm. We partner with organizations to deliver industry-developed, tested and proven approaches with responsive technical assistance and specialized capacity building solutions all over the world. 

Our Vision        To be a Leading Change Management and Leadership Consultancy Firm


Our Mission     To Foster Strong Partnerships in Transformation and Performance 
                            Improvement of Institutions and Business Entities

Quality Policy

“2ML Consulting Ltd shall spare no effort to delight her clients, with the peerless quality of leadership and management consultancy services, the current awareness of client expectations, and the pursuit of transformative change; while complying with applicable requirements. In our endeavor to deliver positive change, and a client-oriented value system, we shall engage every stakeholder`s commitment to register success.”

Core Values

Empowerment                                   Teamwork                                          Integrity
Professionalism                                 Service Excellence

Core Business

We deliver industry-developed, tested and proven approaches to organizational capacity building that are result based yet people centered. Turning business failures into success stories is what we do best. We encourage utilities/entities to use what is available to them for quick wins from the low hanging fruits through best deployment strategies and practices.

We are an International Management and Leadership Advisory Services firm that partners with organizations to deliver responsive technical assistance and specialized capacity building solutions to utilities all over the world. 2ML builds organizational capacity and winning teams which support organizations in good decision making, turning business failures into success stories and promoting individual effectiveness through integrity.

Our Story

Our story is one of life-long commitment and passion for creating success.

Our niche in utility entities, especially the water sector has facilitated the development of our premier product- the ‘100 Days Performance Improvement Plan’. A scalable unique product that delivers reform and transformation in the emerging and developing economies.

Every country, every utility, every company, is unique and for us an exciting opportunity to be part of yet another success story. Over time, we have built the experience, expertise and flexibility that enables us to create responsive and tailor-made solutions for our partners. In all our endeavors, we are guided by Empowerment, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Service Excellence.

Customer Centric

We strive to understand our client’s needs and tailor solutions to these needs. These solutions are tailored to helping the client appreciate the importance of the customer in their business value chain and therefore upholding of the customer service charter.


Conversely, we also help the client understand the responsibility of the customer and thus provide solutions to serve the customer better to ensure the customer supports the client to guarantee sustainability of the business.

Utility change management

We understand that the backbone to any business entity is the human resource capital. We therefore tap into the people side of the utility to kindle change from a current state to a new future state that creates desired results and innovative solutions.


The ability to change the mindset of the human capital and manage these diverse personalities and capabilities is paramount in moving a utility to its full potential and more.

Corporate change leaders

With the first hand understanding that leadership is the capability to transform vision into reality, we strive to build the utility leadership to actualize the utility vision. The ability to grow utilities from strength to strength is based on the conviction of visionary leaders and their ability in executing strategies effectively. Visionary leadership is the stepping stone to utility transformation. Transformation of utilities requires greater capability leaders that can stand by their convictions/visions and overcome all opposition while energizing others as visionaries to carry the transformation forward.