2ML Consulting Limited

Management and leadership advisory

Utility Losses and Asset Management

2ML Consulting Ltd collaborates with water Utilities in establishing Non Revenue Water (NRW) management strategies and ensure that all components of NRW are covered. The proposed strategies are project tailored to be feasible in terms of physical application and financial requirements.


This is achieved by promoting ownership among the various utility departments involved in the strategy formulation and implementation, in addition to ensuring consensus by policy makers and top management. 

Given the extensive expertise gained by 2ML over the years, we understand that NRW reduction is a long-term process and we know how to lay strategies to manage these losses. This often requires investing in metering interventions, pressure and asset management strategies, robust billing systems and leakage management equipment.


A number of clients have been supported in these aspects and include: Kaduna State Water Corporation (KADSWAC), Oyo State Water Corporation (WCOS), Osun State Water Corporation (OSWC), Ogun State Water Corporation (OGSWC), Rwanda Energy Group (REG), Borno Ministry of Water and Environment, Taraba State Water and Sewerage Corporation (TAWASCO), Ondo State Water Corporation (ODWC) and Water and Sanitation Corporation Rwanda (WASAC)