2ML Consulting Limited

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Utility Losses and Asset Management

The ability to ascertain the source of the losses as well as manage the assets is a starting point in mitigating losses in addition to the continual review of the asset management system to suit the utility and technological advancements.


At 2ML we appreciate that the biggest challenge in any utility/entity are the losses faced and management of input assets along the value chain. Losses can be due to damages transition, authorized free distributions, system failure losses or human errors.

A number of clients have been supported in these aspects and include: Kaduna State Water Corporation (KADSWAC), Oyo State Water Corporation (WCOS), Osun State Water Corporation (OSWC), Ogun State Water Corporation (OGSWC), Rwanda Energy Group (REG), Borno Ministry of Water and Environment, Taraba State Water and Sewerage Corporation (TAWASCO), Ondo State Water Corporation (ODWC) and Water and Sanitation Corporation Rwanda (WASAC)