2ML Consulting Limited

Management and leadership advisory

Human Capital Development and Capacity Building

Forms of capacity building we roll out constitute training programs to update staff repertoire, relative to production, distribution, commercial operations, finance, and human resource related function discharged. To adequately equip the staff, direct coaching and mentorship are also done to consolidate knowledge retention and applicability in operations.


Strategic training in inter alia, budgeting, strategic planning & financing models for urban water and waste water investments, under the aegis of development partners such as the African Water Association (AFWA), is also carried out for top management members.

We provide a comprehensive range of Human Resource Management Solutions with an alignment to our client needs and assist them to produce measurable business results through their staff.


In most of our projects, we pay special attention to the aspect of Human Resource Management by first seeking to acquire staff buy-in, which enhances staff commitment and motivation. Our Organizational HR support includes; Developing Organizational designs orb-restructuring/reviewing existing business designs; Conducting staff Capacity needs assessments; Conducting job evaluations, salary surveys and work – load analyses; Performance Management; Organizational Change Management; Development of Staff Job descriptions, HR Manual and Policies.