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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Support

At 2ML we understand the need to be able to identify and locate your customer and service infrastructure. This is mainly due to the fact that the ability of the utility to serve the customer better is greatly hinged in the ability to locate the customer and their source of service quickly.


This is referred to as response time. GIS, Customer and Network Mapping is important in ensuring short response times and continued monitoring and management of customers and networks. In addition, this can be used to project business growth and plan for future investment opportunities based on accurate information.



The same can be used to identify challenges and shortcomings that need to be addressed.


This has been done for clients in Water Corporation of Oyo State (WCOS), Osun State Water Corporation (OSWC), Ogun State Water Corporation (OGSWC) and Taraba State Water and Sewerage Corporation (TAWASCO).