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Are you looking for a Change Management and Leadership Consultancy? Do you want to have a career in change management and leadership? Then start preparing yourself now.


Utility or enterprise management is very important in any business. The concept of utility/enterprise management is not only unique to the utilities that we know of or consider such as water and electricity. It is something that can be done in any setup as along as management of the setup are focused towards achieving their objectives. This we believe can be achieved through the concepts that are pivotal in the process and the use of what you have as best you can to get what you want. As the adage goes: you cannot manage what you cannot measure and another states; people do what you inspect and not what you expect. As such this is the starting point. So, then it all starts with having performance measurement tools. 


Therefore, in order to get a career in change management and leadership you need to understand the utility/enterprise vision, mission, mandate, systems, processes and procedures.  The aim is to enable you  formulate tools that can assist you measure the outputs against expected objectives and then observe the impact of the change implemented. This impact is what you use in your leadership strategy to inform you of what you need to do to continue on the positive trend or adjust if negative effects are achieved. 


Get started by getting to know the utility/enterprise where you are better and then use this to formulate tools in your change management and leadership objectives. Let us know how you get on. Good luck!!!


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